About us

As a manufacturer of lingertie, corsetery and swimwear, since our foundation, we at MAHDCO TUNISIE have worked diligently and sincerely for 30 years to realize great things.

Located in Mahdia, a beautiful coastal Mediterranean city in the East of TUNISIA, only 45 km from Monastir airport, our company exploits high-performing machine base and manufacturing tools that allow our specialists to make the best use of their expertise in everything related to fine making and their passion for beautiful materials to produce high quality items.

Over the years, we have amassed a wealth of insight and expertise into fine making of lingerie, corsetry and swimwear. Our corporate philosophy stipulates that we must seek to build and maintain strong, trust-based relationships with all our stakeholders in order to achieve our mission.

Our business is rapidly becoming more global and our operations expanding. Little wonder, then, that the demands and expectations of our stakeholders are increasingly diverse and go beyond simply requiring “leading expertise in lingerie or swimwear manufaturing.” As a truly global manufacturing company, we, at MAHDCO TUNISIE, must seek to ensure we fulfill our responsibilities to the community and achieve sustainable growth. 

Our diverse clients must be certain that we uphold the highest standards of manufacturing and are acting responsibly not only in how we manage their collections, but also in how we value our employees, support our communities, and limit our impact on the environment. We understand that our actions in these areas are investments in the long term sustainability of our business.

Success always requires more ideas, more commitment, more know-how. And the success of MAHDCO TUNISIE requires more : it requires a permanent quest for performance, quality and sustainable development.



MAHDCO TUNISIE, one History, one Culture

Technological developments, know-how and tradition are complementary. At MAHDCO TUNISIE, we've long recognized that : it’s a craft production, when we talk about fine making and it’s an industrial one where it is confection with innovation as the only leitmotiv.

The company's history begins in 1992. It is intertwined with the know-how of our region "Mahdia" in the work of silk and woven fabrics that adorn our famous traditional clothes.
For generations, our ancestors have acquired real craftsmanship to work embroidery. That‘s why we’ve tried to give an industrial dimension to it with innovation as our first and only passion. 

We are very proud of our region, historically related to the work of silk, and the quality of traditional garnments such as tunics embroidered with gold, bustiers spangled with sequins or fine lace trousers,… It’s a cultural collection made of silk, muslin, lace and tulle to celebrate women and enhance their beauty, as lingerie does.

What characterizes Mahdia in terms of conscientiousness and meticulousness in the manufacture of delicate women's items inspired the name of our company in 1992 and its precious history has continued to shape other aspects of our corporate culture at MAHDCO TUNISIE, including our commitment to corporate citizenship to develop a positive impact in the region.

MAHD for MAHDIA and CO for CORSETERY, the most delicate feminine underwear ever with fiery red as trademark colour to match our passion for what we do, the high-quality work that we offer but it is also connected to Mahdia's beautiful gleaming bustiers.

That’s how the project of one person, its director, Mr Adnène HAMZA, who dreamed of combining the traditions of his hometown with his knowledge of textiles as a student-engineer in textile in France. Starting this business with 12 people and through sheer hard work, taking advantage of opportunities, and yes a little luck, growing it into something that employs more than 400 well- performing people and committed to a single corporate culture.