One History, One Culture

Technological developments, know-how, and tradition are complementary. At MAHDCO TUNISIE, we have long recognized that it is a craft production when it comes to fine craftsmanship, and it is an industrial process when it is combined with innovation as the only guiding principle.

The company’s history began in 1992. This inception is intertwined with the expertise of our region, “Mahdia,” in the production of silk and woven fabrics that adorn our famous traditional garments.

This is how the vision of one individual, its director, Mr. Adnène HAMZA, who dreamed of merging the traditions of his hometown with his knowledge of textiles as a textile engineering student in France, came to life. Starting with 12 people, and through sheer hard work, seizing opportunities, and yes, a bit of luck, it has grown into an enterprise employing over 500 high-performing individuals committed to a unified corporate culture.



Delivering excellence in every stitch and customer interaction


Achieving efficiency without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction.


Nurturing our future while preserving our planet's resources.


A Collections made fore you

Our Values


Our first step for a quality textile manufacturing, the attentive listening leads to a good analysis of needs and thus a better visibility on the way forward.

Quality of service

Combined with the reliability of our products, the quality of our services is the key to our success in the high-end manufacturing of lingerie, corsetry and swimwear.

Sustainable Development

Committed to a sustainable development strategy since the very creation of our activity, we ensure the company’s economic, social and environmental prosperity.

Corporate Culture

Respect, training, assistance, involvement, and enjoyment are among the common values that shape our corporate culture and enhance our Quality of Service.


Since luxury lingerie is our specialty, innovation and creativity are the essence of our work at every stage of our business process.

Team approach

Together, we design, develop, create, manufacture, and control. Together, we contribute to professional growth and the achievement of goals.

Our promise

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Devoted Professionals

At MAHDCO TUNISIE, you will find a dedicated team of professionals who are wholeheartedly committed to assisting you in fulfilling your unique needs as well as those of the clients you serve. Our unwavering dedication to achieving the highest standards of value for your clients begins with our meticulous attention to detail, recognizing the importance that lingerie and corsetry rightfully deserve.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Attentive Approach

Our staff initiates their involvement by actively listening, engaging in thoughtful questioning, and fostering open communication. We believe in transparency and clarity, providing you with clear insights into what can be accomplished, what cannot, exploring alternative solutions, and understanding the associated costs. We take pride in our commitment to delivering projects correctly, on schedule, and within the specified budget.

Exceeding Challenges

Building Confidence through Commitment

Over time, your support and our unwavering commitment to you, our valued clients, have empowered us to meet and surpass numerous new challenges. The confidence you experience when collaborating with MAHDCO TUNISIE is what distinguishes our products and services from the competition. We encourage you not to miss the opportunity to engage with us, as we are poised to deliver exceptional results that consistently exceed expectations.

Our Commitments

Environmental Commitment

Through the continuous improvement of our management methods at all stages of the production line, we are involved in a strategic challenge: Eco-friendly textile manufacturing.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

We continuously improve our production methods across every stage of the process to meet the challenge of eco-friendly textile manufacturing. Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact, from sourcing materials to final production. By integrating sustainable practices into our core strategies, we aim to set industry standards and protect our planet for future generations.

Social Commitment

As a corporate citizen, our responsibility for the future implies financial transparency, open communication and social commitment as an employer and in the community.

MAHDCO's Corporate Responsibility Commitment

As responsible corporate citizens, we embrace a commitment to the future that entails three key principles: financial transparency, open communication, and social responsibility. These principles guide our actions not only as employers but also as active contributors to our community.

Our Services

From Idea to Product


Crafting inspired concepts, where creativity meets functionality and innovation.



Sourcing premium materials to ensure the foundation of exceptional products.



Turning vision into reality through efficient, precise, and scalable processes.



 Strategic procurement to support the creation of world-class textiles.


Control upon receipt

Vigilant inspection to guarantee materials meet our exacting standards.

Control upon receipt

Cutting & Manufacturing

Precision and artistry merge as textiles come to life.

Cutting & Manufacturing

Packaging & Quality Control

Safeguarding quality from production to presentation, the final touch of excellence.

Packaging & Quality Control


Delivering our creations with care and timeliness to global destinations.


Elevating Elegance, Stitching Dreams – MAHDCO TUNISIE, Where Quality Speaks.

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