Our Motto

Flexibility, trust and responsibility have been cornerstones of MAHDCO TUNISIE’s business since the beginning. These core values permeate our own corporate culture. And they are reflected in every relationship whether with our employees, our clients, or with the community in which we live and work.

You will read about the achievements we made to further build trust and responsibility in our News . Stay tuned!

Design, Modelling &                                      Industrialisation 

Working closely with our brand designers, this department ensures the creation of basic patterns, grading, prototyping, study of materials and supplies consumption as well as the development of technical files.

Our model makers, prototypists and maintenance planners, all together ensure the development of finished products within a sampling workshop where they make prototypes to send to the customer for pattern validation.

Thanks to this department, MAHDCO TUNISIE has succeeded to evolve from Subcontracting to Co-contracting and more towards the Finished Product in order to better meet our customers' requirements.

The department has CAD equipment as well as :

  • Sourcing office
  • Lectra Modaris and Diamino Systems
  • Defect detectors
  • Digitalization Table
Cutting workshop

Thanks to a wide range of equipment, the cutting team ensures a complete optimization of the consumption of all the materials which are intended for the production.

  • Lectra automatic cutting machine
  • Band-saw cutting machine
  • Die-cutting machine
  • Laser cut
  • Tip cutting machine 
  • Handmade lace cut
  • Traditional padding
  • Padding at the tip
  • Rhinestones and transfers laying
  • Collaring manufacture
  • Label printing
  • Pad printing
Production workshop

Thanks to our modern facilities and our cross-functional production team, we are able to produce both sophisticated series as well as small or big series and meet our customers' satisfaction in time and cost.

By respecting the confidentiality of our customers' creations, no workshop visits can be made by a prospect during the manufacturing period.


At MAHDCO TUNISIE, our main concern is to provide flawless product quality from the receipt of materials, including cut pieces, until the finished products.

Each receipt of supplies or materials undergoes a checking in terms of quantity and quality. Thus, any failure in the supply, any problem of quality or footage, any gain in materials is systematically declared to the customer.

MAHDCO TUNISIE provides the basic supplies related to the manufacturing and deals with the purchase of materials and supplies according to the customers' needs.

Thereby, a whole process is adapted to better manage the operations in the storehouse :

  • Frame by address (the space occupied is divided by customer)
  • Control upon receipt of materials
  • Computerized inventory management (SAGE Inventory Management)
Quality Control

Committed to our customers, our competent and careful Quality team ensures the conformity of the product to the customers' expectations as well as the quality instructions and standards required in the specifications at all levels of the production process.


Thanks to its technical know-how and expertise, our maintenance team is effective and efficient at all times.

Regular trainings are provided to allow this team to be on the lookout for all technological developments.


Whether in a box or a plastic bag, with or without tissue paper, MAHDCO TUNISIE ensures the packaging in total hamonany with the wishes of our customers, including folding in accordance with the type of products.

We can provide wash care, brand labels as well as swing tickets and bar codes.


A dedicated department, to prepare orders and ensure their shipment within the agreed deadlines and the intended destinations.

Training Facility

MAHDCO TUNISIE provides free of charge trainings to teens and young adults who left schools without any qualification. They get the opportunity to acquire new skills to enter interesting trades.

At this facility we train and coach all new recruits until they become competent and multi-skilled.